Must Love Music’s mission is to develop a lifelong love of music in each student.  I teach students of ages in the comfort of their own home!  Each student has an individualized program based on his or her personal goals, needs, and preferred style(s) of music.

Basics of a Great Program

  • Technique & Music Theory:  The  basics which allow us to play music on the piano.  When we understand  how music is written and how we use the different parts of the piano, we can not only play what is written on the page, but create new music as  well!
  • Ear Training & Sight-Reading:  Facilitates practice of the basics.  Ear training helps us hear the  different parts of the music and sight-reading allows us to practice  specific concepts in short pieces.
  • Repertoire:  The masterpiece!  These are the pieces of music that  combine the previous 4 program sections.  Students add their personal  style and emotions to the piece to make it truly their own.
  • Practice:  The 6 days between lessons is integral to mastering concepts learnt in class.  I will explain and demonstrate not just what the student is to practice, but how.  This ensures practice time is as  effective and efficient as possible.

In-Home Lesson Advantages:

Why battle traffic or bad weather only to wait at the studio for your lesson?  Instead, have your lessons on an instrument and in an environment that is comfortable for you!

For children, have fun learning piano while getting off the bench with games, movement & other activities.

For parents, feel free to listen in & ask questions, or help the rest of your family get ready for other activities.

For adults, use the extra time you aren’t travelling to do whatever you wish.


Personalized Private Lessons:

Not everyone learns the same, so why are so  many programs the same for everyone?  You have your own interests &  goals.  These should be included in what you do in your lesson time.

During your lesson, I will teach you in the  manner that works best for YOU.  And, because my focus is only on you,  we can learn at your pace.  Quick for concept or skills that you find  easy; slow down for the ones that are more difficult.

  • 30 minute lessons:
    • Recommended for year 1 students (those with no prior experience)
    • Monthly tuition: $125.00
  • 45 minute lessons:
    • Recommended for year 2 and up students
    • Monthly tuition: $167.50

Lab Time Lessons:

This is a comprehensive program that integrates piano playing with theoretical practice to improve student progress.  It is available to all students.

One of the main advantages to this programming is providing more time for practice on theory IN lesson, rather than spending that time OUTSIDE of lesson.  Students practice concepts in a wide variety of ways (i.e. apps, physical representations, online games & worksheets).  I check within the lesson if extra help is needed on a particular topic rather than finding out next lesson.  And for parents, you get to listen to your child play piano during the week rather than help with even more homework.

There are 2 scenarios to lab time.

  • ONE student is signed up for lab time:
    • 30 minutes at the piano, 30 minutes of lab time.
    • Monthly tuition: $210.00
  • TWO students signed up for lab time:
    • Both students have the 60 minute lesson SIMULTANEOUSLY.
    • Student A will be with me at the piano.  (30 minutes)
    • Student B will be working independently on the iPad using headphones.  (30 minutes)
    • After 30 minutes, student A & B switch activities.
    • Monthly tuition: $167.50

Group Lessons:

THREE group classes will be scheduled at my home during the course of the year.  These will be held in lieu of regularly scheduled lessons for that week.  Group lessons provide opportunities for students to perform & attend master classes which are an important part of their musical development.

Student Led Conferences:

Twice a year, students take over the lesson and teach their parent(s) 2 concepts they have worked on in the previous months.  This ensures students take ownership of their learning while giving the parent(s) an opportunity to see and hear what their child has learnt.  Student plan the conference with guidance, but are responsible for defining, explaining step-by-step, and provided guided practice to their student(s).  As a parent, you can see how your child is progressing over the course of the year.