About Rosemarie

Welcome to Must Love Music!  I am so glad to see you here.

Over a decade of experience as a teacher and administrator within private schools in Canada and Mexico has led to who I am as a teacher today.  My Bachelor of Education gave me the foundation for sound teaching practices while focusing on special needs education taught me how important individualized programming is for ALL students.

I truly believe we never really stop learning.

As a member of the Alberta Piano Teacher’s Association, I continue to learn from amazing teachers.  I have also presented workshops for the organization.

To continue my teacher development, I earned my Associate of London College of Music teaching diploma (ALCM – TD) specializing in piano education.

I am also dedicated to music teacher development.  Writing for both my own & other sites has allowed me to help teachers all over the world teach creatively & support the families they work with.  This has also led to presenting sessions at the MusicEdConnect 2020 conference.

Your family deserves to have a piano teacher that is not teaching the same way decade after decade.   

You deserve a teacher that:

  • Listens to you
  • Works with you in support of your child’s best interests
  • Sees you as an integral part of the team

Your child deserves to be:

  • Taught using the best research into how we learn
  • Treated like an individual, not another student that goes through the same books as everyone else
  • Challenged and encouraged week to week
  • Given a say in what they play

We don’t all learn the same, so a cookie cutter approach to learning won’t work.

Rosemarie Penner at Must Love MusicWhen I am not teaching or working on the administrative side of the business, I can be found spending time with my family.  Movie afternoons, playing video games, and many heated debates about comic books & superheroes are some of our favourite things.

It’s not always easy living with only guys, but our very talkative twins make life interesting for me and my (not so talkative) husband.  And when this mommy needs some “me” time?  Reading copious novels and making vegan baked goods are some of my favourite things.

“My hope for both kids was/is to find something they enjoy doing.  In this case, to discover a love for playing music.  You [Rosemarie] did amazing.  My kids have grown a lot under your patience and care and direction.”

~ Zuzana G., parent

5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. At one point I took an Argentinian Tango and Hip Hop class.  I LOVED dancing tango.  The hip hop class?  Well, it turns out I am more suited to listening to hip hop than dancing it.
  2. I love to experiment with new recipes.  I eat plant-based foods and consider myself a foodie.  Once I discovered how to modify desert recipes, I was hooked.
  3. My clients already know this one.  I enjoy making preserves: jams, jellies, salsas, you name it.  Remember the foodie part from #2?  This leads to as many great combos as I can find.  Trying to eat it all just is not an option, so they often become gifts.
  4. My favourite drink is tea.  And, because I like variety there is a whole shelf at home.  It is rare to see me teach without tea beside me.  On the rare occasions it does happen, my students tend to comment.
  5. I get really excited about new ideas, especially in education.  Things have changed a lot in the past decade.  My idea of fun is to research new trends and include the ones that benefit my students.

Learn more about the programming, the role of a piano parent, & weekly practice expectations below.

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