In-Home Piano Lessons in NW and NE Calgary

I work with people who LOVE music and secretly (or not so secretly) yearn for the ability to just sit down at a piano and play with confidence. Whether that is written songs, songs they are listening to or exploring new styles, I give them the tools they need to develop a lifelong love of music.

My philosophy of education is to provide holistic instruction by exploring ideas in new ways.  Students will not just be at the piano playing songs.  We will be moving, singing, actively listening and experimenting.  Students will be asked questions to guide their learning so they can have a deeper understanding of the concepts they are learning.

Using gem stones is a tactile way to practice pattern building.

Special needs students are more than welcome in our studio.  My background in special needs education has greatly influenced my philosophy of teaching.  IPP’s, growth plans, and educational psychology evaluations are all things that I have been a part of in the past.  I want to work with your family and your child’s team to best support their learning.

If you are looking for programming that is based on yearly exams or multiple festivals, there are other wonderful teachers in this city that will be a much better fit.  I want you to have the piano lesson experience that works best for you.

Zuzana has taken to piano so smoothly & can recognize notes.  She learns fast & enjoys playing.  It’s helping her self confidence which is growing with her skills.  She’s doing amazing.  Family & friends have commented how great she is after only such a short time of lessons.  You rock!

Zuzana G, parent

Why are so many music programs the same for everyone?  Not everyone learns the same.  You have your own interests and  goals.  These should be included in what you do in your lesson time.

Must Love Music serves the communities in NW or NE (Skyview Ranch & north) Calgary.

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