Learning Life Lessons Through Music

Learning Life Lessons Through Music

There is plenty of research that shows learning an instrument has long lasting neurological benefits. But, what about the life lessons that children learn through music?

As parents, we want to give our children the best life possible & give them every advantage possible. This includes extra curricular activities like piano lessons. Especially when we read that it can help them in school.

Get a little rhythm in your life!

A Little Rhythm in Your Life

Two terms that come up a lot in music lessons are pulse & rhythm. And there is good reason for that.

Imagine your child is humming a song … rather off key. Could you tell which song they are singing?

Imagine your child was humming a song perfectly … but the rhythm sounds suspiciously like a Newton’s Cradle is keeping time. Would you still be able to tell which song they are singing?

Rhythm & pulse work together in perfect harmony (pun unintended) to add that special something to each song.

What are piano lessons like? Back in the day vs. now

Many new piano parents & their children wonder “What are piano lessons like?”  It can be a source of excitement for some children.  And for some, it is a source of anxiety before that first lesson.

The short answer is what piano lessons look & sound like depends on the teacher you choose.  We all have different approaches & philosophies.  And while this can be overwhelming to a new piano parent, the great news is that you have a much better chance of finding the teacher that is perfect for your child!

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How are Piano Lessons Different From Sports or Dance Lessons?

The options today for extra curricular activities can be overwhelming.  Both for the child and well-meaning parents.  So, what IS the best option for your child?  There are 3 options that tend to be the most popular extra-curricular activities.  But, what are the differences between music lessons, sports and dance?

Not every child will excel in any given activity.  And, that’s okay.  Just like you and I had different interests as we grew up, so will our children.

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