Adult Students

Adults are realizing that piano lessons are not just for the young.  It is never to late to start learning a new instrument!

Below are the apps, printables, games, and articles to help you reach your music goals.

iPhone and iPad Apps:

  • Garage Band: One of the hottest apps in the iTunes store!  Everything you need to create your very own backing track for scales or songs.
  • Dust Buster 2:   What can be more fun than helping a granny swipe dust motes off the piano?  Helping her while playing some of today’s top hits, of course.
  • Amazing Fingers:  Think of this app as Twister for fingers.  Tell your parents it improves your finger dexterity.  Have fun playing with friends!
  • The Most Addicting Sheep Game:  TMASG is a student favourite!  Help your sheep jump or roll through the level to the rhythm of the music.
  • Audio Ninja:  Feel the beat as you defeat the ninja’s enemies!  This rivals TMASG (see above) as the most addictive game ever.
  • Ningenius: Just because we aren’t ninjas in real life (or perhaps you are), does not mean we will not be able to break boards like a pro!  Match up the note on the staff to the letter name or keyboard note.
  • Staff Wars:  It wouldn’t be fair to leave our Star Wars fans out in the cold.  So, download this app to practice note recognition on the staff.  May the Force be with you.
  • Tenuto:  This collection of exercises drops the extras and gets right down to business.  I use this app all the time in the studio for theory and ear training.  Perfect for busy teens, adults, or those who want a simply layout.
  • YouTube:  This is THE app and website I send my students to over and over.  With tutorials many popular songs as well as performance videos of almost every song out there, I recommend this app for during the week help.

Free Printables: Created by Rosemarie

  • The Grand Staff (Blank):  Fill out the different parts of the Grand Staff as you learn each part.
  • Chords:  Learning how chords are put together helps us create our own songs.

Online Games:

  •  Simple design that focuses directly on the quizzing specific concepts.
  • Teoria:  Ear training, plus a wide variety of music theory & reading skills, are available to practice.


  • Practicing with Twins“I’ve Always Wanted to Play Piano, But …”:  You are not sure how much time it will take or if now is the right time.  Adult students have unique concerns when it comes to lessons.  This article will help you look at the different factors to consider.
  • “Efficient Practice For Busy Parents”:  When I got a blog update entitled “Do you ever practice with a baby on your lap?”  I laughingly thought, “I used to play with 2 babies on my lap.  Even have the picture to prove it.”  I highly recommend Jenny’s fantastic article on how to make the most of those (very) short periods of time us parents get to practice piano!