Elementary Aged

At this age, a certain ‘cool’ factor is necessary for apps and games.  Below are games that are educationally sound, but keep kids coming back for more.

iPhone And iPad Apps:

  • Garage Band: One of the hottest apps in the iTunes store!  Everything you need to create your very own backing track for scales or songs.
  • Blob Chorus:  Ear training will never be the same again.  Match the tone the King Blob sings to the correct blob in the chorus.
  • Piano Maestro:  Set up your own profile to play consecutively harder songs.  Some of today’s hits are included in the playlist.  Best of all … no need to hook-up to the piano since your iPad microphone will pick up the sound of you playing piano!
  • Dust Buster 2:   What can be more fun than helping a granny swipe dust motes off the piano?  Helping her while playing some of today’s top hits, of course.
  • Music4Kids:  Move notes around to create the song you would like.
  • CJ L (2016)Amazing Fingers:  Think of this app as Twister for fingers.  Tell your parents it improves your finger dexterity.  Have fun playing with friends!  *Name has changed  to The Magic Touch”.
  • The Most Addicting Sheep Game:  TMASG is a student favourite!  Help your sheep jump or roll through the level to the rhythm of the music.
  • Audio Ninja:  Feel the beat as you defeat the ninja’s enemies!  This rivals TMASG (see above) as the most addictive game ever.
  • Note Works:  Play the right note before the machine sets it on fire!  Get it right & Hungry Munchy eats the note.
  • Flashnote Derby:  Get ready for the races!  The note races that is.  Student favourite. (Also available on Android)
  • Ningenius: Ninja-themed games are all the rage in the st+udio right now.  Select the correct letter name or keyboard note to ensure you ninja breaks through the boards!
  • Rainbow Notes:  Now, there really is a note reading app for all seasons.  Students choose the season (spring, summer, fall, winter) and practice reading notes on the staff.
  • Staff Wars:  It wouldn’t be fair to leave our Star Wars fans out in the cold.  So, download this app to practice note recognition on the staff.  May the Force be with you.
  • Music With Grandma:  Grandma is back to help children learn musical terms and symbols.  I would recommend this for younger students who have a solid understanding of musical terms and symbols.
  • YouTube:  This is THE app and website I send my students to over and over.  With tutorials many popular songs as well as performance videos of almost every song out there, I recommend this app for during the week help.

Free Printables: Created by Rosemarie


Online Games & Articles:

Many of these sites will need FlashPlayer.  If you would like to play them on your iPad, download the Puffin web browser app.  Use the browser app to access the games.

  • Nico H (2016)Music Tech Teacher:  The go-to site for fun games on music notes, scales, rhythms, music terms, musicians/composers, and more!
  • The Wide World of Music: Click on the different instruments from around the world hear what they sound like.
  • Learn a Tune:   Plenty of games to practice a wide variety of topics.  Keep in mind the site uses U.K. terms for type of notes (semibreve, etc.).
  • Morton Subotnick’s Create Music:   Play with music & practice listening to the music you create in several fun games!
  • The Sixty Second Club:  How many notes can you name on the grand staff in one minute?  All line and space notes on the treble & bass staffs are covered.
  • Chuck Vanderchuck’s Explosion (PBS Kids Go!):  Join Chuck in creating songs in a variety of styles.  You will create lyrics, rhythms, & hear instruments.
  • MusicLearningCommunity.com:  Below are some fun games to play!
    • Melody Mayhem1:  Listen to two melodies & choose the right one.  Watch as they get squished at the end.
    • Storm Chasers 1:  Listen if the melody goes up or down.  Click the right button to keep the plane in the air.
    • Note Flakes( Treble):  A winter-themed practice game for the treble clef notes.
    • Meteor Match 1:  For beginning students … Click the correct type of note (quarter or half note) before the meteor crashes into Mercury!
    • Music Darts:  Great review game for beginners to remember the music symbols they have learnt.