Preschool and Kindergarten

Kids at this age are so full of energy that it can be hard to keep up with them!  Apps and activities need to be colourful and cater to a short attention span.

iPad & iPhone Apps

  • LoopsequeKids:  GarageBand for the younger set!  Your little one can create their own rhythm by simply pressing buttons into an on/off position.
  • Cameron Y (2016)Pluto Piano:  One of my favourite apps for this age group.  Help Pluto avoid the obstacles while learning how notes are placed on the staff! (May be unavailable on Canadian iTunes).
  • Music With Grandma:  Learn with Grandma as your little one explores different instruments, sorts sounds, and so much more.
  • Tune Train:  A big hit in the studio for composing songs with no theory knowledge necessary!  Kids have fun creating a melody and hearing it in various genres.
  • Monkey Drum:  Have fun creating a rhythm for the Monkey and his friends to play.  The longer and more complex the rhythm, the happier the Monkey.  Plus, a banana will fall for food.
  • Moozart: This is another fun composing activity that allows children to place icons from Old MacDonald’s farm to add to familiar songs.
  • Music for Little Mozarts:  My little ones LOVE this app and could spend all lesson practicing up/down, recognizing patterns and a multitude of other concepts.
  • Rhythm Party: Guitar Hero for the preschool/kindergarten set, but on piano.  All their favourite songs with a fun soundtrack.
  • DoReMi 1-2-3: Learn your favourite songs with each song is divided into sections.  Add in funny sounds and your little one is sure to be laughing.
  • Music4Kids:  Make songs, participate in challenges (within the app only), or play your created melodies.
  • Puppet WShop:  Every time your child completes a practice task they can add to their sock puppet!  Better yet, take a picture in-app to share with the teacher next lesson.

Free Printables

  • Musical Zoo:  Wondering what the notes on the keyboard are?  Let the animals show you!

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