Must Love Music COVID-19 Response

As of March 16, 2020 Must Love Music moved the entire studio online.

This move was made to protect our studio families as we continue to follow the Alberta government guidelines.

This does not mean that we are giving up music. In fact, this is the best time to learn music!

Children & adults alike may be wondering what this new, unprecedented situation means for them. Music gives everyone a way to express emotions & deal with anxiety in a healthy way.

It also gives children a normalcy from week to week with one-on-one time with their piano teacher.

What does this mean for you?

We are still continuing with private weekly piano lessons as scheduled through Zoom.

We are continuing to enrol & accept new students online!

Our students are continuing to:

  • Have lots of laughs as we explore new musical ideas,
  • Learn new music by various composers,
  • Compose our own music,
  • Prepare for our upcoming recital,
  • Have fun studio group lessons held via Zoom,
  • Investigate various concepts in music lab,
  • Interact through new studio challenges for students.

All of which are resulting in some pretty amazing photos during the week!

Keeping a sense of community

Must Love Music strongly feels that community is what keeps students playing & families invested in piano lessons.

Students are missing social interaction with their friends. Parents are wondering how to support their children.

Here are the studio events Must Love Music is continuing to hold in the upcoming months to keep our community strong.

  • Group lessons: Studio group lessons will be held online so students can continue to “see” each other.
  • Recital: This year, private invitations will be sent to studio families & the family members/friends they would like to join us for our virtual recital!

Will online lessons work for us?

Chances are the answer is yes!

Ms. Rosemarie has already done online lessons for the past few years with students when they are ill. And, she’s learnt a lot about how to keep students engaged, regardless of their age or learner needs.

Please click below to learn more about “Online Piano Lessons” at Must Love Music!

Why take piano lessons now & not just start later?

Because this situation is “indefinite”.

The world has not seen a pandemic like this in a long time. And while governments, health officials, & scientists are working to find a cure, this will take time. Potentially months.

Rather than putting life on hold for months, Must Love Music recommends embracing life now.

Children may not be able to go to regular extra-curricular activities, but …

Piano lessons are a great option that is both physical & mental exercise.

Children may be missing that one-on-one connection with other teachers, but …

Piano lessons are a wonderful chance to get one-on-one attention with their teacher.

While this is a unique situation, Must Love Music is committed to working with you to create beautiful memories through music.

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