Why Do We Explore in Piano Lessons?

Why do we explore in piano lessons?

One of the things that makes Must Love Music unique is that we use every moment in lesson as an opportunity to explore. But, why do we explore in piano lessons?

Some people think lessons are about learning to read notes on a page.

And, that is part of it. But, it only covers a small portion of what lessons are really about.

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Get a little rhythm in your life!

A Little Rhythm in Your Life

Two terms that come up a lot in music lessons are pulse & rhythm. And there is good reason for that.

Imagine your child is humming a song … rather off key. Could you tell which song they are singing?

Imagine your child was humming a song perfectly … but the rhythm sounds suspiciously like a Newton’s Cradle is keeping time. Would you still be able to tell which song they are singing?

Rhythm & pulse work together in perfect harmony (pun unintended) to add that special something to each song.