Am I ready for my child to take piano lessons?

Am I Ready For My Child To Take Piano Lessons?

A lot of articles focus on whether a young child is ready for piano lessons.  But, did you know that it isn’t just the child that needs to be ready for the lessons?

As parents, we are busy.  Between work, managing kids homework & extra-curricular activities for the kids & ourselves, it can be a surprise when it comes to piano lessons.

“What do you mean I have to be involved?  Don’t they go to lessons & you take care of the rest?”

When your children are very young, your involvement is what helps make lessons a success.

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Learning Life Lessons Through Music

Learning Life Lessons Through Music

There is plenty of research that shows learning an instrument has long lasting neurological benefits. But, what about the life lessons that children learn through music?

As parents, we want to give our children the best life possible & give them every advantage possible. This includes extra curricular activities like piano lessons. Especially when we read that it can help them in school.