Online Piano Lessons

Must Love Music is open & accepting new piano students online!

Whether you are looking at piano lessons for:

  • Lifelong desire to learn an instrument
  • Way to deal with life’s ups & the tough times
  • Develop creativity, self-expression, & problem-solving… for yourself or your child

Ms. Rosemarie believes that piano lessons are a pathway to not only learning an instrument but vital life skills that will be used throughout life.

How do online piano lessons work?

Online lessons are set up to make this as easy of a process for you & your child.

  • Clear directions for set up: You will receive an email on how to join the lesson in Zoom.
  • Secure: Each family is given a unique password & other security features have been added to ensure lessons stay private.
  • Guidance: Ms. Rosemarie will guide you through best practices & how to set up using things you already have on hand.
  • Routine: Each student has a specific lesson date & time making it a regular part of your week.
  • Tech support: This is new for a lot of people. With a little support, you can have the best experience possible during lessons!
  • Routine: Each student has a specific lesson date & time making it a regular part of your week.
  • Materials in one place: Families are given access to a shared online folder that includes everything your child will need for lessons or practice that week. This includes tutorials for anything you need to access.

Will online lessons work for us?

Chances are the answer is yes!

Ms. Rosemarie has already done online lessons for the past few years with students when they are ill. And, she’s learnt a lot about how to keep students engaged, regardless of their age or learner needs.

How involved do I need to be with my child’s lessons?

For very young students, parents will need to be involved in each lesson.

The older the student, the more independent they will be during lessons & practice times during the week.

This is true whether your child is taking lessons in-person or online.

Ms. Rosemarie will be able to tell you where on the scale your involvement will need to be to best support your child.

Regardless of your child’s age, there are 2 things that are crucial for success.  

  • Set up space & time for them to play. 
    • The more we do something, the better we get at it.
  • Encourage your child. 
    • Whether you have musical training or not, you can encourage & cheer on your child.  It means more than anything else you can do!

Are online lessons less personal?

The truth is that relationships make or break lessons.

Online lessons are just as engaging as in-person piano lessons.

Ms. Rosemarie strives to create a great learning environment for each student. Laughing, exploring, & guidance are the backbone of lessons.

Ms. Rosemarie also works to develop a close relationship with studio parents. You are integral to your child’s success during the week. And, if you or your child has questions, she wants to work with you to make piano lessons a positive experience!

Is it harder to learn online?

Ms. Rosemarie has invested in equipment so students can have both a side view of the piano (length of the keyboard) as well as an overhead view (top-down view of the entire keyboard).

This means students can always see exactly what they need to see at the piano. Just like at an in-person lesson.

Online lessons do NOT make it harder to learn.

Through Zoom, Ms. Rosemarie is also able to screen share various things with your child. For example, pulling up your child’s music & digitally marking it up so your child has a great understanding of what to focus on.

Ms. Rosemarie deals with the tech troubleshooting before introducing new activities so you don’t have to.

Music Lab Time!

How can we get the most out of online lessons?

Must Love Music understands that technology is a wonderful thing. But, there are times when it does not work as expected. Don’t worry. Ms. Rosemarie has backup plans for everything!

The quality of the lessons will stay the same. We are just changing the location of the piano lessons.

There are ways to improve the quality of the audio & video during lessons.

  • Ensure no one in the home is streaming music or video during lesson time.
  • Students should have access to the largest screen available.
    • Whether that is a tablet or iPad, this allows the student to see what is going on at Ms. Rosemarie’s piano easily.
  • Use your home’s fastest & most reliable internet connection available.
    • If you have lower speed & higher speed wireless connections, choose the higher connection before the lesson.
    • If your wireless has a spotty connection, do your best to connect via cable to strengthen the signal.


Online Piano Lessons

Must Love Music has always worked to create a creative, inclusive community in our studio.  And online piano lessons have not changed that.

If you feel Must Love Music will be a good fit for you, please contact us for more details.

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