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Creating Music + Building Artistry


The next 4-week INTRO session starts August 6th.  Limited lesson spots available.

Why Choose Must Love Music?

Whether you want to play piano for fun, wish you had stuck with playing or hope to write your own music (even it never goes beyond your home), our piano lessons are all about creating and exploring music! Regardless of your age, learning ability or level. All you need to start is to love music.


  • Playing music from the greats (past and present) for friends and family.
  • Getting that first song idea out of your head and into your fingers.
  • Confidently learning a song on a whim because you have the knowledge and independence to figure it out.
  • Feeling excited about lessons because you know you’ll discover something new regardless of your level.

Learn with a trained teacher and published composer!

  • Expert guidance each lessons so you always feel successful.
  • Regardless of what your week was like, you will have fun playing as part of the group.
  • You’ll get a sneak peek into why composers make the decisions they do.
  • Learn while continually playing piano! No boring theory classes here!
“So happy to have a composer teach Zane how to play and also compose.”
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Each week, you (or your child) will meet for piano lesson in the comfort of your home.  Piano lessons don’t get any easier than that!

While the rest of family life goes on in the background, you’ll hear the sounds of piano playing, fun collaboration and making new friends.  For younger students, this also includes movement away from the piano to burn off those wiggles while still learning.  Online piano lessons offers this and more.

Ages 4 - 11

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Ages 12 - 18

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"We have been with Ms. Rosemarie for years now and it has been wonderful to watch our kids work with her and grow. It is more than “just” piano skills they are gaining; it is also confidence in themselves and their ability to do hard things. It is the knowledge that sitting down to play music is a strategy to decompress after a long day at school."

Meet Your Piano Teacher

Meet Your Piano Teacher: Rosemarie Penner

Rosemarie Penner

Piano Teacher + Composer

Rosemarie specializes in creating piano players who have a lifelong love of music.  Playing piano should continue long after lessons have ended!  Even after over 40 years, playing piano is still one of her favourite ways to reset or relax.

She has over a 15 years of experience working with individuals who are neurodivergent, gifted or have unique learner needs.  Rosemarie’s teaching philosophy is “making the complex simple” for every student.  Since each student will have different ideas of ‘complex’, Rosemarie’s approach gives student’s independence to learn at their own pace with plenty of support.  She combines this with creative activities that guide students to create their own music and covers.

Click below to find out more about Rosemarie’s education and training, the types of neurodiverse and unique learners she specializes in plus how these have influenced our studio community!

Meet Rosemarie

What People Are Saying

“Wesley has really been enjoying the lessons … he's been getting on the keyboard himself and even wanting to share little pieces that he's playing around with. It's been really nice to see! Thanks again for your patience and finding what works for him.”
“It's been the best decision for my kids. They enjoy their lessons and the teacher is fabulous."
“I was hoping both kids would continue on their journey of learning to play songs they like and they did. Allowing for as much time as needed (vs pressure of short deadline) really is important for both kids confidence. Piano for us is not a race; it is meant to emphasize the importance of enjoying the ‘now’.”

Ready To Learn Piano?

Don’t just read music.  Create music! 

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Ready To Learn Piano?

Our next 3-week INTRO sessions begin the week of August 6th!  

Perfect for beginners of all ages.  Limited lesson spots available. 

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