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Why Choose Online Piano Lessons?

An online piano teacher who cares.

Teacher Who Cares

Parents of younger students, teens and adult students all love how much encouragement they get each lesson!
Easy tech set-up for online piano lessons.

Easy Tech Set-Up

Get your own tech expert as Ms. Rosemarie guides you step-by-step so it’s easy peasy for each student.
Social activities during online piano lessons

Social Activities

Students in our studio get together multiple times a year for fun, engaging online group lessons!
Inclusive online piano lessons for neurodiverse students

Inclusive Studio

Students who have unique learner needs can find a supportive community in our online piano studio!
"We have been with Ms. Rosemarie for years now and it has been wonderful to watch our kids work with her and grow. It is more than “just” piano skills they are gaining; it is also confidence in themselves and their ability to do hard things. It is the knowledge that sitting down to play music is a strategy to decompress after a long day at school."
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The Perfect Program For You

Online Piano Lesson Programming (60)


Most Flexible!

Perfect for students that prefer extra guided practice with Ms. Rosemarie. If group lessons are not for you, alternate programming is offered those weeks.
Online Piano Lesson Programming (45 minute)


Most Popular!

A mix of online private and group classes. This option includes a mix of playing piano with activities that cover music theory in a fun, interactive way.
Online Piano Lesson Programming (custom)

Custom Programming

Pricing Varies

Not every student is the same.  If you or your student needs customize programming, Ms. Rosemarie will let you know in your interview.
When asked what her favourite part of the year was … "I love everything! They (my kids) have come so far in just months and all of this because they got the right teacher."

It's As Easy As 1-2-3

Book your FREE, no-commitment interview with Rosemarie!

Reserve your online piano lessons spot.

Have fun creating and playing music at the piano!

Book An Interview With Rosemarie

You are more than just a student. You are part of a community!

Must Love Music is more than just words, it's our philosphy.

Each student should love the music they create and play each week.

Meet Rosemarie

Welcome to Must Love Music! I am so glad to see you here!

Over a decade of working with students and families, like yours has shown me the best approaches in developing pianists who have a lifelong love of music.  At Must Love Music, my goal is that each student plays piano long after lessons have ended.

Click below to find out more about me!  Find out about my education and training, the types of neurodiverse and unique learners I specialize in plus how these have influenced our studio community!

Learn More About Rosemarie
Rosemarie Penner Teacher | Pianist | Composer
Rosemarie is a very dedicated teacher. She develops a program unique to your child and motivates the in a variety of ways ... Watching my child grow and perfect her skill [was my favourite part of the year].