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  • A Quick Guide To Music Intervals + How To Improvise With Them

    A Guide To Music Intervals

    While music does use math, thankfully music intervals don't have to be nearly as complicated. No formulas are needed. And, when these are mixed you can create interesting music!

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  • Finding 7th Intervals And How To Make Them Sound Good

    How To Find 7th Intervals On The Piano

    Some intervals sound great. And, others need a little love before they are "so bad, it’s good”. The 7th intervals fall into this second category.

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  • Something Surprising About The 6th Interval

    How To Find 6th Intervals On The Piano

    Many of the intervals we play on the piano are easy to physically play. But, the 6th interval is the start of a series of intervals that require just a little stretch to reach.

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  • How To Find 4th And 5th Intervals On The Piano

    How To Find 4th And 5th Intervals On The Piano

    Intervals are a shorthand way of describing notes on the piano or in sheet music.  Rather than spending time explaining ... you can have fun playing your piano, whether in piano lessons or jamming with friends! And, it turns out that 4th and 5th intervals play a huge role in the harmony of music.

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  • 2nd and 3rd Intervals On The Piano

    How To Find 2nd And 3rd Intervals On Piano

    With 88 keys on the piano it can quickly get confusing as you try to understand where you are in relation to individual notes in a piece. Thankfully, intervals are a way for all musicians, regardless of instrument, to communicate with each other in a clear way!

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  • Tips to Play Minor Pentatonic Scales On The Piano

    How To Play Minor Pentatonic Scales

    Have you heard of “penting it out”? This approach lets you, a beginner piano student, create great sounding melodies on the piano right from the start. One of the ways you can do this is with the minor pentatonic scales!

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  • "Pent It Out" With Major Pentatonic Scales On The Piano

    How To Play Beginner Major Pentatonic Scales

    As a beginner piano student, you may believe there are only two types of scales: Major and minor. But, there are actually many types of scales that each bring their own mood and style! One of the ones that helps beginner piano players sound great quickly is the Major pentatonic scales.

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  • Minor Scales: A Simple Piano Pattern For Beginners

    Beginner Minor Scales On the Piano

    While many people know about Major scales, what about minor scales? These are incredibly common throughout Western music. And they are ones that beginner piano players should also learn since they add interest to what they are playing as well.

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  • Major Scales: A Simple Piano Pattern For Beginners

    Beginner Major Scales On the Piano

    We think of Western music as having a melody and chords. And, this IS true. But, what makes the melody? Scales! In the first part of this series, I'll be covering beginner Major scales on the piano.

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  • How Beginner Piano Students Can Make Chords Sound Better

    How To Make Your Piano Chords Sound Better

    We all want to sound great on the piano. But, as a beginner piano player it can be difficult to bridge the gap between your playing ability and how you wish you sounded. However, with a few tips you can make simple chords sound more advanced. Even as a beginner.

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