Studio Policies

This is an overview of the terms of use and Must Love Music studio policies.  A complete, updated version is provided to clients before registering.  If you are a current client and have misplaced your copy of the studio policies, please contact Must Love Music for a copy of your contract.

To view the full terms and conditions for this website, click here.


You will be asked to agree to specific terms and conditions before completing the registration process for online piano lessons with Must Love Music.  Your digital answer in the registration will constitute a legally binding Agreement (contract) for each portion of the digital registration form.

Part of the registration process is going through the studio policies to ensure you can ask questions before signing up. This ensures you know what to expect from Must Love Music and what we will expect from you.

Tuition Studio Policies

Client tuition fees are updated on the website and are provided in writing to clients (both current and potential).  Tuition is due the month before lessons begin.  If you register for lessons less than 30 days before starting lessons, your invoice may reflect an additional charge to reflect this policy. Must Love Music will go through all tuition fees to ensure you know and understand what your specific tuition fees are for your first month and thereafter.  

You will be responsible for any late fees that occur due to late payment. Specific late fees are included in the registration contract.

Missed Lessons Studio Policy

Clients are given three options for missed lessons depending on the notice given.  The more notice given the greater number of options available to the client.  If a client chooses to decline any of the three options, the lesson is forfeit.  No refunds are given for missed lessons.

Ending Lessons

While every effort is made to work with families, there is a termination clause within the studio contract.  To cancel the contract before the end of term, you will need to provide Must Love Music with a minimum of 30 days written notice.  You will receive all lessons which you have paid.  If you choose to stop lessons before these lessons have been taught, tuition for the cancelled lessons is forfeit.  

As part of the studio policies, Must Love Music also reserves the right to terminate the contract and outlines specific reasons within the studio contract clients sign.

This document was last updated on July 18, 2023.