Putting Major + Minor Chords Together - Part 2

Putting Major And Minor Chords Together – Part 2

There’s one chord progression that appears in a lot of wedding music. One SONG in particular tends to be popular year after year. And, you will be learning the chord progression from that song.

P.S. If you haven’t read or watch the first video in this series for beginners, be sure to click here. We will be using each concept in the following articles/videos.

Put Major And Minor Chords Together

There are nearly infinite ways of putting Major and minor chords together. And, even when you use the same chords in the same order … your song can be completely different than someone elses.

Isn’t that great?

You can learn building blocks (chords) and in the process learn the building blocks of many, many songs. And, that secret is how you can speed up your piano learning.


This chord progression is much longer than the one in part 1 of this series. However, if you are familiar with the song, this may make it easier. If those symbols above look a bit weird, that’s okay. We use different types of symbols to write out music. One of those types of symbols are Roman numerals! Watch the video here or follow the instructions below to learn how to play and put these Major and minor chords together.

We are playing in C Major which only has white keys.

  • Play just these notes in the left-hand: C, G, A, E, F, C, F, G
  • Play chord bridges then chords in the right-hand.

Chord Notes:

  • C Major: C, E, G
  • G Major: G, B, D
  • A minor: A, C, E
  • E minor: E, G, B (only new chord from part 1)
  • F Major: F, A, C

Improvising With Major + Minor Chords

  • Broken chord bridge: try different notes of the chord
  • Broken right-hand chord: go up, go down
  • Switch your chords to the left-hand
  • Challenge: Add a walking bass line (see video here to see that in action)

Your Thoughts …

What was your favourite way of putting these iconic Major and minor chords together? 

P.S. What was the iconic song we used?

Let me know in the comments!

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