Aurora’s Lullaby

“Aurora’s Lullaby” is a tranquil, Winter moodscape for your beginner teen or adult piano students inspired by the Aurora Borealis.

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Aurora’s Lullaby Description:

  • Level: Early Elementary (rote), Elementary (reading)
  • Pages: 5 pages, 2 pages of music, cover included
  • Format: Instant PDF download
  • Studio Licence Bonus: Cover art, “make it your own” suggestions for students
  • Collections: The First Winter – Soundscapes

Your beginner teen and adult students will love the tranquil mood of “Aurora’s Lullaby”.  Especially as they head into the busy Winter season.  This piece was inspired by the Aurora Borealis and “Lullaby Of The Snow Fairies”.  The goal was to create a piece that had the same mood and interesting harmonic sounds, but at the beginner level.

Aurora’s Lullaby Level:

“Aurora’s Lullaby” is an early elementary rote or elementary reading level piano solo.  Your piano teen and adult students will love the basic harmony with tonic notes or chord bridges with a simple melody.

Designed to support teen and adult students moving into chordal harmonies quickly, “Aurora’s Lullaby” contains the following concepts:

  • Mode: F Major (accidentals written in)
  • Time Signature: 4/4
  • Concepts: tied whole notes (cross measure), flat, 8va, cross-clef melody (shown with dotted line), ritardando, chord bridges (option to play just bottom note in “make it your own”), hand position shifts (1 – 2 notes)

“Aurora’s Lullaby” includes finger numbers for starting notes + circled finger numbers any time hand position changes.  Because teen and adult students have larger hands than younger beginners, there are some slight extensions (6th intervals).

Accidentals, rather than a key signature are used, in this 4/4 time piece.  However, the piece is designed to play B flat only three times the entire song.

The rhythm is augmented so the shortest note is a quarter note.  An alpha note is written for the one ledger line note outside of middle C.  Holding the pedal the entire song creates a dreamy quality.

Aurora’s Lullaby Bonus:

All sheet music comes with original cover art.  “Aurora’s Lullaby” comes with “make it your own” suggestions for students to experiment with developing their own voice.

More About “The First Winter – Soundscapes” Collection:

“Aurora’s Lullaby” is part of the “The First Winter – Soundscapes” collection that gives your teen and adult students music they can be proud to play at your studio’s Winter recital!  Harmonies are simplified to create a complex soundscape without the need for more advanced techniques.

The First Winter – Soundscapes” includes:

  • Aurora’s Lullaby: Tranquil lullaby inspired by the Aurora Borealis in 4/4 time with basic harmonies and simple rhythms.
  • Darkest Night: Broody moodscape in 3/4 time that explores the three most common rhythms at this level with interesting chords.
  • Eerie Wind: Mysterious, eerie moodscape in 3/4 time that explores ebbing and flowing dynamics.
  • Winter’s Thaw: Peaceful exploration of chord bridges (broken + solid) in 4/4 time that is perfect for students that love patterns with small changes.

What is a studio licence?

When you purchase “Aurora’s Lullaby” you get a studio-licence PDF of the piece.  This piece is sent digitally via an email receipt.  If you have a multi-teacher studio, please contact Rosemarie directly for additional licences.  Thanks!

A studio licence is a great way to stretch your studio repertoire budget.  Purchase music once and use for years (even decades) with students you directly teach!  For online teachers, if you share the piece during online lessons, students must print immediately and not retain an electronic copy of the piece.

For more information on your studio licence, check out the Terms and Conditions page.

If you purchase a collection you will need a program to open zip files to access all pieces within the collection.

Should I print all pages for students?

Yes!  Each page is designed with students in mind.

  • Page 1: Cover art
  • Page 2: Description, tips for students to make it their own, terms of use
  • Page 3+: music
  • Last page: other music they may like

Students love a bit of cover art since it can help them get into the mood and story of a piece.   I’ve included ways to adapt or play with the music so students become part of the creative process.

The terms of use are there to educate students and their families about copyright law.  We know, but they may not realize what they are innocently doing may cause you to lose your studio licence.

Lastly, having other pieces at a similar level can keep students excited about what the next song in their musical journey can be!


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