Ballerina in the Shadows

Ballerina in the Shadows is a broody swing piano solo that helps your late intermediate students explore stride patterns in 3/8 time.  Included is a way to up the level while also creating a darker sound!



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Ballerina in the Shadows Description:

  • Level: Late intermediate
  • Pages: 6 pages, 3 pages of music, cover included
  • Format: Instant PDF download
  • Studio Licence Bonus: Cover art, “make it your own” suggestions for students
  • Collections: Pattern Inspired – Intermediate

Ballerina in the Shadows is a broody swing piano solo that helps your late intermediate students explore stride patterns in 3/8 time.  Parallel 3rd and 6th interval sections plus sixteenth note scale sections highlight technical work.  This the perfect piece for a student that needs to see the connection between scale work and what they play!

Ballerina in the Shadows Level:

“Ballerina in the Shadows” is a late intermediate piano solo. 

Most concepts are at an intermediate level so your students find it easier to master the Stride accompaniment pattern.  This piece is unique in that typically stride is written in 4/4 time.  However, changing the time signature provides an interesting rhythmic interpretation of what 3/8 time could be!

  • Mode: E minor (key signature)
  • Time Signature: 3/8
  • Concepts: Stride accompaniment pattern, swinging eighth notes, parallel 3rd and 6th intervals, (one hand), up to 3 ledger lines.

Students will see the connection between technical practice and what they see in the music.  Sixteenth note scales plus parallel 3rd and 6th interval sections will be a great tie in.  The pedal pattern all depends on how resonant the desired sound should be. 

Ledger lines (no more than 3) are tied in with stride chords which makes it easier for students to quickly spot the patterns throughout the piece.

The smallest note is a sixteenth note and it is only used as part of scale passages.  There are cross-measure ties to create the distinctive stride rhythm.  Finger numbers are written in certain sections to make passages smoother.

Ballerina in the Shadows Bonus:

All sheet music comes with original cover art.  “Ballerina in the Shadows” comes with “make it your own” suggestions for students to experiment with developing their own voice.

More About “Pattern Inspired – Intermediate” collection:

“Ballerina in the Shadows” is part of the ‘Pattern Inspired – Intermediate’ collection for intermediate level students that like to explore different styles of music.  Each piece focuses on a modern take on an accompaniment pattern for the intermediate level.  This collection is fantastic as either a fun look back at concepts or an introduction to new patterns. 

  • Alberti’s Garden: A sweet, whimsical late intermediate piece that explores modern Alberti bass patterns in G Major.
  • Ballerina in the ShadowsA broody swing late intermediate piece that explores stride patterns in E minor and 3/8 time.
  • Poodle Skirts and Thin Ties: A fun, upbeat late intermediate that explores doo wop rhythmic and accompaniment patterns in F Major and 2/4 time.
  • Waltz of the Lilies: A tranquil, beautiful late intermediate piano solo explores waltz patterns in both B flat Major and G minor.

What is a studio licence?

When you purchase “Ballerina in the Shadows” you get a studio-licence PDF of the piece.  This piece is sent digitally via an email receipt.  If you have a multi-teacher studio, please contact Rosemarie directly for additional licences.  Thanks!

A studio licence is a great way to stretch your studio repertoire budget.  Purchase music once and use it for years (even decades) with students you directly teach!  For online teachers, if you share the piece during online lessons, students must print immediately and not retain an electronic copy of the piece.

For more information on your studio licence, check out the Terms and Conditions page.

If you purchase a collection you will need a program to open zip files to access all pieces within the collection.

Should I print all pages for students?

Yes!  Each page is designed with students in mind.

  • Cover art
  • Description, tips for students to make it their own, terms of use
  • Music
  • Inspiration for similar music your students may like

Students love a bit of cover art since it can help them get into the mood and story of a piece.   I’ve included ways to adapt or play with the music so students become part of the creative process.

The terms of use are there to educate students and their families about copyright law so you don’t risk losing your studio licence.

Lastly, having other pieces at a similar level can keep students excited about what the next song in their musical journey can be!

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