Happy Halloween!

“Happy Halloween!” lets your students celebrate Halloween while also looking at lyrics and rhythm in this series of 3 digital escape rooms.  These are fantastic for your in-person, online or group lessons!

Studio Use License – All digital escape rooms come with a studio license.  Buy once, download a copy and use it with your direct students for years to come!


Happy Halloween! Description:

  • Level: multi-level
  • Contents: 3 digital escape rooms + student tracking sheet
    • Part 1: 7 questions
    • Part 2: 7 questions
    • Part 3:  7 questions
  • Format: Instant PDF with links.
  • Studio License Bonus: Student tracking sheet for each digital escape room

Celebrate Halloween in your studio with Happy Halloween!” digital escape rooms!  Students will love reviewing lyrics and rhythm with these interactive, self-marking games!  These are fantastic for your in-person, online or group lessons!

Happy Halloween! Level:

As an interactive series of 3 digital escape rooms, “Happy Halloween!” is fantastic for your entire studio.  Make group lessons or piano party planning a breeze when planning around these digital escape rooms!  Students can work in teams to answer the question.  Ask for more details to make each question differentiated for each student!

Happy Halloween! Concepts:

Get ready to say ‘Happy Halloween!’ in this series of digital escape rooms! Your elementary to intermediate level students will listen to themed music as they unlock the clues to each escape room.

Part 1:

Includes podcast on spooky classical music, plus music theory such as:

  • Meter: Duple or triple
  • Rhythm instruments
  • Changing lyrics

Part 2:

Change the lyrics to the song so it still fits the rhythm!

Part 3:

Students will dance, then answer questions on the following topics:

  • Meter: Duple or triple
  • Classical music: story, conducting, adding lyrics

 Happy Halloween! Bonus:

Included with Happy Halloween! are student tracking sheets for each series!  Students can choose which ones interest them the most or work through these during lab time.

When using these for lab time, teachers are encouraged to add hyperlinks to their copy of each digital escape room to make these highly interactive for students.

Students can use these tracking sheets digitally or print them off.  If shared digitally, students are not allowed to share them with anyone.

Happy Halloween: Review

“Thanks, Rosemarie! I have to tell you, I just used the first Halloween escape room in an online lesson with two of my sibling students…yesterday and we had the BEST time.
First, they thought it was cool to hear the “spooky” classical music. They recognized a few of the pieces and liked learning a little history about them.
But the best part was the “Just Dance” YouTube video. I told them they had to pick a character and dance and they said “fine but you do too!” so we each picked one of the characters and danced over Zoom. We were all laughing so hard that their mom came in to see what was going on. I wasn’t banking on that section being “educational,” but then I saw your [last] question … and thought it was brilliant!  [My students totally got it] and I was like, YES!” ~ Selena (Notable Music Education)

Selena surprised me with the above honest testimonial a few days after purchasing the “Happy Halloween” digital escape rooms.

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To round out your studio’s seasonal digital escape rooms, consider the following collections that are designed for elementary to intermediate students.  These digital escape rooms focus on celebrating holidays without sacrificing musical learning.

What is a studio license?

When you purchase “Happy Halloween!” you get a studio-license PDF of the digital escape room.  A PDF with links to each digital escape room is sent digitally via an email receipt.  Press on the links to make your own copy of each digital escape room in your Google Drive.

You will need a program to open zip files and a Google Drive to use these digital escape rooms.

If you have a multi-teacher studio, please contact Rosemarie directly for additional licenses. Thanks!

A studio license is a great way to stretch your studio budget.  Purchase these digital escape rooms once and use them for years (even decades) with students you directly teach!  When these are updated, you will get access to these for free.

For online teachers, if you share student tracking sheets during online lessons, students must print immediately and not retain an electronic copy of the piece.

For more information on your studio license, check out the Terms and Conditions page.

What is a digital escape room?

A digital escape room is a fantastic way to cover music appreciation and theory in a fun, interactive way!  These are great for:

  • Private lessons: With student or during lab/off-the-bench time time
  • Group lessons: Work as a team to answer questions
  • Online lessons: Any platform that allows you to share your screen works well for this

Students listen, watch, or read material then answer questions.  Answer the question correctly, you move on and get a clue.  Answer incorrectly and you are gently encouraged to try again.  Gather clues and use them to answer the final question.

ALL marking is done for the teacher so this truly is a download and use resource for your studio!

See how to use digital escape rooms in your studio here.


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