The Last Moments

Immerse your students in “The Last Moments,” an elementary-level piano solo that creates a contemplative mood. Your students will enjoy the piece’s engaging melody and rhythmic challenges.

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“The Last Moments” Description:

  • Level: Elementary
  • Pages: 6 pages, 3 pages of music, cover included
  • Format: Instant PDF download
  • Studio Licence Bonus: Cover art, “make it your own” suggestions for students
  • Collections: Beatles Inspired – Elementary

“The Last Moments” is a captivating elementary-level piano solo that brings the contemplative mood of The Beatles’ inspired chord progressions into a memorable musical journey. Composed in the quiet early hours of the morning, this piece begins softly, builds to a dynamic bridge, and ends with a delicate finish. 

It features a unique blend of sharps and left-hand accompaniment pattern that plays on weak beats and patterns designed to strengthen fingers 3 and 4, creating a compelling challenge for students. This piece showcases intricate melodies that move in steps and skips, paying homage to The Beatles’ style with added ‘syncopation’ in the left-hand for rhythmic interest.

“The Last Moments” Level:

“The Last Moments” is an elementary-level piano solo that keeps a single-line melody and introduces students to a weak beats in the left-hand accompaniment and hand-over-hand arpeggios. It helps students master playing with accidentals and strengthening their finger independence.

  • Mode: E minor (accidentals)
  • Time Signature: 4/4
  • Concepts: Sharps, hand-over-hand arpeggio, left-hand accompaniment includes notes played on weak beats, patterns designed to strengthen fingers 3 and 4, chord bridges, small hand position changes for chords, ritardando.

The smallest note is barred eighth notes.

This piece offers practice in gently relaxing the wrist for a smooth melody and mastering playing left-hand accompaniment on weak beats, an homage to The Beatles’ rhythmic style.

“The Last Moments” Bonus:

All sheet music comes with original cover art.  “The Last Moments” comes with tips for students to master the piece.

More About “Beatles Inspired – Elementary” Collection:

“The Last Moments”is part of the “Beatles Inspired – Elementary” collection, designed for elementary-level students of all ages who appreciate music that is both accessible and sophisticated.  These pieces offer a taste of The Beatles’ iconic chord progressions and song structures, making them an exciting addition to any pianist’s repertoire.

Unique Features: 

This collection uses the foundational I, IV, and V chords in creative combinations, echoing The Beatles’ genius in creating captivating music with simple chord progressions.  This collection uniquely blends the essence of The Beatles’ music with accessible original pieces for young pianists. 

Each piece in the collection mirrors the verse-chorus-bridge structure without mimicking the sound of The Beatles, providing a fresh and creative learning experience. Almost all pieces are written in minor modes, creating an intriguing contrast to The Beatles’ typically upbeat sound. 

The collection includes pieces in 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 time signatures.  These show how small tweaks in accompaniment patterns can create varied and dynamic musical experiences.  For example, one of the accompaniment patterns is modified for both 3/4 and 4/4, showcasing how the same patterns can sound very different.

Explore other enchanting pieces in the “Beatles Inspired – Elementary” collection, each offering its unique charm and educational benefits.

  • The Enchanted Forest: A dreamy elementary-level piece that features chord bridges and full chords to evoke a magical, mysterious mood.
  • The Last Moment: A serene elementary-level piece with a contemplative mood and hand over hand arpeggios.
  • PJ’s Lullaby: A tranquil elementary-level piece with dynamic expressions and reflective mood.
  • Whimsy, Magic and Mystery: Enchanting elementary-level piece featuring full chords, capturing a whimsical and dreamlike mood.

What is a studio licence?

When you purchase “The Last Moments” you get a studio-licence PDF of the piece.  This piece is sent digitally via an email receipt.  If you have a multi-teacher studio, please contact Rosemarie directly for additional licences.  Thanks!

A studio licence is a great way to stretch your studio repertoire budget.  Purchase music once and use for years (even decades) with students you directly teach!  For online teachers, if you share the piece during online lessons, students must print immediately and not retain an electronic copy of the piece.

For more information on your studio licence, check out the Terms and Conditions page.

If you purchase a collection you will need a program to open zip files to access all pieces within the collection.

Should I print all pages for students?

Yes!  Each page is designed with students in mind.

  • Cover art
  • Description, tips for students to make it their own, terms of use
  • Music
  • Music options to further inspire your students

Students love a bit of cover art since it can help them get into the mood and story of a piece.   I’ve included ways to adapt or play with the music so students become part of the creative process.

The terms of use are there to educate students and their families about copyright law.  We know, but they may not realize what they are innocently doing may cause you to lose your studio licence.

Lastly, having other pieces at a similar level can keep students excited about what the next song in their musical journey can be!


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