The Phone Is For Me!?!

“The Phone Is For Me!?!” is an intermediate to late intermediate piece about Gizmo’s belief that the phone is ALWAYS for him.  Your students will hear the one-sided conversation as he tries to answer the phone.


The Phone Is For Me!?! Description:

  • Level: Intermediate to Late Intermediate
  • Pages: 5 pages, 1 page of music, cover and background story included
  • Format: Instant PDF download
  • Studio Licence Bonus: Cover art, practice and performance tips for students, background story of Gizmo
  • Collections: Gizmo: A Quirky Cockatiel

This piece is a conversation between Gizmo and his people.  The inspiration for “The Phone Is For Me!?!” came from two places.  Gizmo, of course.  But, also the Peanuts cartoons.  That’s right, Charlie Brown and his friends!  In almost all Peanuts cartoons and movies,when adults talk all we hear is “Wah wah. Wah wah wah?”.   I am convinced this is what Gizmo hears when his humans answer the phone.

The Phone Is For Me!?! Level:

“The Phone Is For Me!?!” is an intermediate to late intermediate piano solo.  Rhythm patterns play a big part in the ‘characters’ within the song.  The phone ringing contains sixteenth-note runs which is a great introduction into these notes.  The humans all say “wa-wa-wa” rather than real words.  And, Gizmo is sure if he says “hi” often and loud enough the phone call really will be for him.

  • Mode: C Major
  • Time Signature: 3/4 and 4/4
  • Concepts: pickup measure, changing time signature and tempo, sixteenth notes, tenuto

This is a great ‘quick win’ piece for an intermediate student!

The Phone Is For Me!?! Bonus:

All sheet music comes with original cover art.  “Can I See? I’m Climbing Up” also comes with practice and performance tips for students and the background story of Gizmo.

More About “Gizmo: A Quirky Cockatiel” Collection:

“Can I See? I’m Climbing Up” is part of the “Gizmo: A Quirky Cockatiel” collection that is written for intermediate level students that love birds.  As you can tell from the titles in this collection, Gizmo is very much an exclamation mark type of individual and the music reflects this.  These also work very well as ‘quick win’ pieces or quick review pieces for a particular concept.

Gizmo is the baby of the family.  While he is my parent’s cockatiel, Gizmo is a people person and loves being around family.  He has a unique relationship with each person.  He is also one of the most unique pets we have ever had.  From improvising a song for the “pretty birdie” in the mirror, answering the phone, or his antics both with his ‘hoomans’ and on his own, these pieces give a snapshot into life with Gizmo.  It’s certainly never dull!

Songs found in the “Gizmo: A Quirky Cockatiel” collection are:

  • Can I See? I’m Climbing Up!: An intermediate to late intermediate level piece that includes rhythmic scale work as Gizmo rushes to be the center of attention again.
  • The Phone Is For Me!?!: An intermediate to late intermediate level piece that has a conversation going that Gizmo is sure involves him.  Includes a simple introduction to sixteenth notes.
  • Frenemies For Life: An early intermediate level piece about Gizmo and his favourite frenemy that includes a left-hand swing pattern.
  • I’m Not Vain.  I’m Just Pretty: An elementary level improvisation piece with excerpts taken directly from one of Gizmo’s improvising sessions.
  • Showering In The Rain!: An early intermediate piece inspired by Gizmo’s love of outdoor showers, a classical piece and a classic movie.

What is a studio licence?

When you purchase “The Phone Is For Me!?!” you get a studio-licence PDF of the piece.  This piece is sent digitally via an email receipt.  If you have a multi-teacher studio, please contact Rosemarie directly for additional licences.  Thanks!

A studio licence is a great way to stretch your studio repertoire budget.  Purchase music once and use for years (even decades) with students you directly teach!  For online teachers, if you share the piece during online lessons, students must print immediately and not retain an electronic copy of the piece.

For more information on your studio license, check out the Terms and Conditions page.

If you purchase a collection you will need a program to open zip files to access all pieces within the collection.

Should I print all pages for students?

Yes!  Each page is designed with students in mind.

  • Page 1: Cover art
  • Page 2: Description, tips for students to make it their own, terms of use
  • Page 3+: music
  • Last page: other music they may like

Students love a bit of cover art since it can help them get into the mood and story of a piece.   I’ve included ways to adapt or play with the music so students become part of the creative process.

The terms of use are there to educate students and their families about copyright law.  We know, but they may not realize what they are innocently doing may cause you to lose your studio licence.

Lastly, having other pieces at a similar level can keep students excited about what the next song in their musical journey can be!


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