5 Ways – Practice Tool Kit

“5 Ways – Practice Tool Kit” includes 60 multi-sensory activities for students to use during lesson time and during the week.  Divided into 12 PDFs for a new approach to practice each month, students will be eager to head to the piano!

For more savings, get the “5 Ways” practice resources collection!

Studio Use License – All lesson resources come with a studio license.  Buy once, download a copy and use it with your direct students for years to come!


5 Ways – Practice Tool Kit Description:

  • Level: Multi-level
  • Pages: 15 pages, 12 pages of practice strategies, cover included
  • Format: Instant PDF download
  • Studio License Bonus: Zip file of each page of activities separated
  • Collections: 5 Ways

The “5 Ways – Practice Tool Kit” is what helped my students start enjoying practice!  And, it will cover at least the next 12 months of practice in YOUR studio!

Rather than gathering dust, students use objects many of us have in our practice pouches (i.e. dice, eraser, post-its, etc.).  Make use of common household objects as well during practice.  Do you have a Lego crazed student?  A student that loves cup rhythms?  Or, perhaps you are tired of fighting the sugar-high after Halloween?  There are 5 ways to practice using Legos, plastic cups or even candy!

5 Ways – Practice Tool Kit Level:

“5 Ways – Practice Tool Kit” is a practice tool kit you can use with young to teen students that like to play piano … but aren’t big fans of the ‘practice’ part of making progress.

Use a light-hearted approach as students make important decisions about what will help them master different aspects of each piece they are working on.  With activities ranging from brain intensive to getting off the bench there is something for each type and age of student.

5 Ways – Practice Tool Kit Bonus:

Included with “5 Ways – Practice Tool Kit” is a zip file of both a teacher copy of these activities, plus separate PDFs for each page.  

This means you can share pages individually with students (either physically or digitally) from week to week.  You can even make it a challenge of who can complete the most number of activities on each page each month!

As a teacher though, it’s nice to have things contained.  Especially when switching from lesson to lesson.  Use your teacher’s copy to quickly flip to the page you need that lesson without searching loose pages.  Online teachers will especially love having one lesson PDF open on their device!

More About The “5 Ways” series:

“5 Ways – Practice Tool Kit” is part of the “5 Ways” series that helps young to teen students use repetition in many ways to get their pieces mastered.  

We know that the brain learns best through learning many different ways.  Straight repetition may create one neuropathway, but making the brain work hard by using a variety of activities creates many strong neuropathways to that learning.  The “5 Ways” series takes advantage of having students use a multi-sensory approach that includes listening, playing, and moving.  All while thinking through the best approach to reach their mastery goals.

The resources found in the “5 Ways” collection are:

  • 5 Way – Practice Tool Kit: A full year of practice strategies for your young through teen students, 60 multi-sensory practice options to strengthen song mastery
  • 5 Ways To Get Ready For Your Recital: This collection of 20 practice and performance strategies is great for young through teen students that want to add a little fun while ensuring pieces are performance ready.

What is a studio license?

When you purchase “5 Ways – Practice Tool Kit” you get studio-license PDFs of the activities.  The zip file (teacher copy and bonus individual student PDFs) is sent digitally via an email receipt.

You will need a program to open zip files to use this product.  Please check that you know how to do this for the device you will download this onto.

If you have a multi-teacher studio, please contact Rosemarie directly for additional licenses. Thanks!

A studio license is a great way to stretch your studio budget.  Purchase these lesson resources once and use them for years (even decades) with students you directly teach!  When these are updated, you will get access to these for free.  

For online teachers, if you share “5 Ways – Practice Tool Kit” during online lessons, students must print immediately and not retain an electronic copy of the piece.

For more information on your studio license, check out the Terms and Conditions page.

How Can I Use the “5 Ways – Practice Tool Kit”?

“5 Ways – Practice Tool Kit” is a fantastic way to help students that hate to practice!  These are great for private, group or online lessons.

Repetition is only as good as the intention.  Mindless repetition makes mistakes stronger.  Making one micro goal (i.e. fix a rhythm, add dynamics, etc.) leads to significant progress.  However, repetition can be pretty boring.

Use this resource to guide students as they decide which activity will help them with their micro goal.  They can easily do 2 – 3 of these activities in a row without taking a lot of lesson time.

Feel free to get creative with how students use these!  During lessons or during the week, students can easily:

  • Choose the activity they want
  • Roll a die: A six means they can choose the activity
  • Close their eyes an point to an activity

If you have written permission, get photos and videos of students practicing in this way.  These also make great videos for your studio’s social media marketing or a fun monthly studio challenge!


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