How to Host a Fun Online Halloween Group Lesson in Your Studio!

How to Host a Fun Online Halloween Group Lesson!

Group lessons are an amazing way to keep enthusiasm up in any studio.  It’s a great time for students to visit, build a sense of studio community and bring a change in our routine right about when students need a change in scenery.  How do you host a fun online Halloween group lesson?  Without feeling like it’s a 3-ring circus.

Why Have Online Group Lessons?

One of the concerns parents have with online lessons is that their child loses a valuable opportunity to socialize with other children.  We know how important it is for children to learn how to play and work with others.  So, how do we bring this element into online piano lessons?

Group lessons, of course!  And, one of the best times is an online Halloween group lesson!

Students are ready for a change of pace.  Parents can enjoy hearing their children laughing and learning with their peers.  And, you as a teacher can focus on some of the things that may fall through the cracks during weekly lessons.

What’s the Plan?

In my studio, we typically start off with rhythm and pulse to start the year.  After all, these are the cornerstone of playing music that others easily recognize.  So, it only makes sense to include these activities in our online Halloween group lesson.

If you haven’t had a chance to plan your group lesson … I’ve got you covered!

My multi-age, multi-level group lessons are 90 minutes long.  Enough time to do a variety of activities and long enough for parents to relax with a cup of coffee or tea!

5 Step Plan

Having a sequenced plan is a must for any group lesson, whether in-person or online!  Here are some ideas to make your online Halloween group lesson a hit!  (P.S. Get ready for a healthy dose of puns because I just can’t resist!)

1.  Make Time to Visit!

While we do want to make group lessons a musical learning time, there is something to be said about talking about how life is gourd.

2.  Mini Recital With Peer Feedback

Having students perform for each other covers a lot of skills!

  • Effective practice
  • Performance etiquette
  • Active listening
  • Positive peer feedback

This is an area you can lead by example in more than one way.  Yes, keep comments positive.  But, also perform a song and talk to your students in the weeks before about how your practice is going.  What is going well … and what isn’t.

‘Squash’ some practice goals for yourself this month!

3.  Something Active

Group lessons should always have a mix of activities.  Whether it’s whole body movement, dancing, funny actions for rhythms … this is the time to (pumpkin) spice it up! 

I’ve used everything from “Rhythm Warm-Ups That Get Students Off the Bench” to making up quirky seasonal sentences with equally funny actions.

Don’t be afraid of getting a little (or a lot) silly.  These are the memories our students remember for years!  And, they are the memories families share with friends and family.  Which can lead to more referrals to your studio.

4.  Something Cooperative

This is the time for students to work together as they learn and review in a fun way!

Let’s give ‘em pumpkin to talk about as students work together to complete 1 or more Halloween digital escape rooms!  Sharing your screen (and computer audio), students can listen to a variety of music and have fun learning or reviewing musical concepts.

By keeping things cooperative, you create an environment where beginners through late elementary are learning together.  Plus, there’s always a bit of fun related to trying to beat the teacher in a little friendly competition.

5.  Wind-Down Activity

You do not want to be the teacher that sends kids off to their parents completely hyper.  Excited about the online Halloween group lesson, yes.  Eager to share all details, yes.  Bouncing off the walls with pent-up energy, no.  Trust me when I say parents will thank you for making the distinction between these 2 types of energy.

This can be anything from:

  • Listening to a Halloween or Autumn playlist playing in the background while visiting
  • Finding out each student’s favourite part 
  • Asking about Halloween plans or costumes
  • Brainstorm appropriate puns or jokes

Whatever activity you choose, use it to build your studio community.  This can feel more challenging when students aren’t gathering in a physical location.  But, it’s moments like these that make students feel like they know each other.

Online Halloween Group Lesson Ideas

Look, I love a good pun-kin like anyone else.  But, I also love having my workload easier.

That’s why I’m sharing the digital escape rooms that have made my online Halloween group lesson a success.  Let’s carve out some fun this October!

Find out what will have your students saying, “Orange you pumped for Halloween?” by clicking the image below.

Happy Halloween!: Halloween Themed Digital Escape Rooms

Let me know in the comments …

How many puns did I manage to fit in this article?  Share your own seasonal pun as well!

NOTE: This article was originally published on October 6, 2020.  It has since been updated with more ideas.

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